Monday, 6 October 2008

October 2008

I'm on holiday.


Mike Edwards said...

Howdy Eddie. You kindly gave my podcast "In My Room" a positive review and presented yourself as a listener. If you still listen you know that I've abandoned the podcast for now (listen to the new show @ I'm looking to recharge my batteries.
One concept I currently have is to ask select listeners to send me a 4 song set of music to play on the show and some explanation of why they chose them, or why they chose these songs to put togther, etc. It's not your fave four songs as much as it's 4 songs that work really well together. Segueing from Throbbing Gristle to Wagner is not really what I'm looking for, but on the other hand if it works, it works. Also a short bio would be helpful.
You in?
Drop me a line @
see ya!
Mike Edwards
host of IMR

Eddie Willson said...